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Who are Brandoctors

We have just started blogging, so here is a short intro!

Brandoctor is the first specialized branding agency in Croatia. Brandoctor is composed of brand consultants, naming consultants, designers, market analysts and brand implementers. We are educated and have work experience from both Croatian and international markets.

Brandoctors are experienced in the fields of branding, design, advertising and market analysis. Brandoctor’s brand essence is a combination of these three elements – expertise, creativity and intuition .

Our team of professionals builds strong and unique brands with the purpose of building the brand’s competitive advantage and increasing the market share. Brandoctor creates strong and powerful verbal (name, slogan) and visual identity on the basis of the formed brand strategy, whose goal is to verbally and visually narrate the story of the brand.

Some of our international awards include:

  • ReBrand100 – 3 years in a row
  • Type Directors Club
  • Benchmarks Award
  • Creativity Gold Award
  • Graphis Gold Award
  • Summit International Award
  • Red Dot Award
  • Moscow International Advertising Festival Award
  • Horizon Interactive Awards


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