Creating inspiring brands.

The eight ingredients that build the brand™

What is this model all about

I needed a methodology that would be used as a way of checking for the clients if they have a strong brand, later I needed it also for teaching junior consultants that came to Brandoctor. It is useful for everyone who is either checking if their brand needs rebranding and which ingredient needs more work or for strong brands to see what the competition has potentially better then them.

The eight ingredients that build the brand™ constitute a checklist of what is needed for the brand to prosper. Without even one of the ingredients, the brand will be weak, destined for failure. The ingredients simplify the brand building process and create a “formula” that when implemented well works wonders.

When you are doing the brand strategy, you need to give the brand relevancy otherwise it won’t be real. The brands need to be real and they need to be alive and mouthwatering, whether they are salty, sweet, peppered, as long as they are not bland. Blandness is the number one cause of deceased brands . The model of eight ingredients puts in front of the brand consultants, clients, students, the makers of brands – essential brand ingredients that a brand needs to have in order to succeed. These ingredients ensure that the brand has all the spices needed to make the brand attractive to the target groups. The eight ingredients that build the brand™ will be explained one by one during the next couple of weeks.  We are interested in your thoughts and comments.


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