Creating inspiring brands.

The sixth ingredient: Accessibility

Don’t build a brand that is not accessible. Coke knows this best. That is why this drinks giant has told a Sunday newspaper in 2001 that it has plans to provide Coke on tap in its customers’ homes. Seems a bit obsessive but when you are a brand like Coke, it is actually pretty normal.

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The fifth ingredient: Targeted communication

Let’s say you have an incredible product and good distribution but you don’t have the foundation of the brand, what will you communicate. You are not going to talk about the good quality only, because that’s boring and undifferentiating. Boredom is a brand killer. You have to tell people the reasons why they should pick you and not some other brand.

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The fourth ingredient: A form of self-expression

I have, I wonder if you have. Have you ever thought a brand was created for you, especially for you, and if not for you the way you are, well then for you the way you want to be. Brands inspire us, they make us work, they make us eat/wear/drive/use them. You get the point. We are motivated to want to become a part of their story.

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The third ingredient: Psychographic characteristics and brand positioning

What if you were targeting women who didn’t feel like moving from their couch, have a memory of their strong legs and muscular arms because they used to do sports, they have the drive in them, but their motivation got lost on the way of becoming a mom and/ or satisfying ambitions at work – well, then you need to get them into “JUST DO IT” mood.

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The second ingredient: Differentiation

It is disastrous for a brand to copy another brand and there is nothing as annoying as a copycat, whether a person or a brand. But what if your story and your associations are so strong that copying the brand would be perceived as impossible. What do Nike and adidas have in common? The product, not the brand. The weirdest part of branding is that you can copy the product but not the brand story.

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