Creating inspiring brands.

The sixth ingredient: Accessibility

Don’t build a brand that is not accessible. Coke knows this best. That is why this drinks giant has told a Sunday newspaper in 2001 that it has plans to provide Coke on tap in its customers’ homes. Seems a bit obsessive but when you are a brand like Coke, it is actually pretty normal.

But you could say that distribution will differ between various brands. Chanel and Coca-Cola definitely aren’t equally accessible. If they were it would be a very poor sales strategy that would inevitable result in damaging Chanel brand.

Apple knows very well the secrets behind limited availability of their iPhone because people will not just wait in line for them but pre-order them.

When you are planning your distribution channels, it is important not to think of just short-term sales but long-term strategy for the brand.

Accessibility is not just about being available to consumers but about image-building, because it matters that your brand’s image is conjoined with your distribution channels, availability and of course prices.


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