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Brand Gossip

For those of you who don’t know, Gossip Girl is a rather popular American TV show revolving around lives of rich and restless Manhattan youngsters who spend most of their time shopping, partying in fancy clubs and coining conspiracies against each other.

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Feel inspired

I feel inspired. Hopefully the man from Porlock won’t come in and mess it up for me like he did for Coleridge. A person from Porlock interrupted Coleridge while he was writing the poem Kubla Khan and ruined his inspiration.

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Brand Babble

I spoke to one of my friends who is not a part of our industry. She said that she has a feeling that when she hears me speak about what I do, it’s like I speak a foreign language. I completely agree with her, because I sometimes get annoyed with my colleagues and myself when we talk about branding or advertising.

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