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Feel inspired

I feel inspired. Hopefully the man from Porlock won’t come in and mess it up for me like he did for Coleridge. A person from Porlock interrupted Coleridge while he was writing the poem Kubla Khan and ruined his inspiration.

I am inspired. I see that people in this industry think with their hearts when they create incredible advertising. I get disappointed when they just sell. I love it when they inspire us so you stop what you are doing and sit yourself down in front of TV to get something more than just an annoying hard selling ad.

Is our purpose to sell only, or is it our responsibility to walk people through inspirational insights that people – good brave people – thought of to inspire you. This way people see more than just a brand that needs to be placed in their home, in front of their home, but in their minds and hearts as well.

Inspiration leads people to feel like someone tried hard to make them feel good. It’s like sitting down with your good friend who does her best to make you feel better. That’s what good strong people in this industry do and I appreciate it.

There are clients who think this way as well, thankfully. For such clients I only have respect and they deserved that respect the hard way. They had to risk a lot by doing something unexpected. They risked their careers, the stability and fought against the non-believers and the safe-doers. Safe is boring, safe won’t get you anywhere in life, you will be forgotten and dismissed in this industry because of bored consumers who won’t take part in your brand.

So create with your heart, understand that you do have to fight against the non-believers and be persistent at it. You the creative, you the consultant and you the client will feel good and all who need the inspiration will rejoice in that feeling and I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want to be inspired.

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