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Naming a baby, a pet or a brand

I suppose most of you have encountered naming in your everyday life, whether it was picking a name for a pet or a baby. However, naming a company, a product or a service, differs greatly from naming your dog.
Firstly, when choosing a name for a pet or a baby, you follow your own taste. You can’t be sure what your baby will be like when it grows up, so you can sometimes meet a loud and outgoing Miran (miran an adjective meaning calm in Croatian) or a fragile and gentle Petra (petra a noun meaning rock in Latin).
Your child will be branded by his name during life. If you give him or her an unusual name, other children could make fun of it. But if you give him or her a normal, usual name, it won’t say much about his or her personality or behavior.
When naming a company, product or service, you cannot allow yourself making a mistake like with Miran or Petra. If your brand were meant to be loud, fun and dynamic, a name like Miran (calm) would be the exact opposite of the name your brand should carry. Also, the more similar your brand name is to your competitive brand names, the more you have to invest in communication and awareness. Originality definitely pays off here.
One of the hardest things with naming brands is putting aside your own taste and choosing the most suitable name for the brand, which will communicate the easiest with the target group. The person picking the name, usually the brand’s owner, has to realize that sometimes he or she is not the target group for the brand.
The name is the most used verbal representative of the brand and probably will stick to your company, product or service for a long time.
Although the name alone cannot embody the image of your brand completely, it does it in alliance with the slogan, visual identity and communication. Still, the best names include as many attributes from the brand image as possible and clearly communicate what this brand is about.
Some of the brand names I really like are:

  • Silk – soy milk, my absolute favorite, simple, smooth and inviting
  • innocent – fruit juice so pure that it contains nothing but fruit
  • BlackBerry – you all know what that is, it’s black and has buttons like fruit seeds
  • Wii – home video game console WE can all play with

And if you brand name is really beautiful or brand loyalty is high, don’t be surprised to meet people named after the brand. This trend has already started with some kids named L’Oreal, Chevrolet, Armani or even ESPN (after the sports channel).

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