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How to sell the brand to your employees

“People are your company’s most valuable asset”. How many times have you heard this sentence before? I bet too many. Hearing it time after time, made me wonder – do brand owners really find this true? Do they invest in their employees and treat them as the brand’s strongest ambassadors? Do they know that the brand first has to be lived and felt from within?
Investments in internal branding are recognized within only a small number of companies. The owners of Croatian brands hardly perceive the fact that all their employees must be familiar with the brand foundations or better yet, they must “live the brand”. They have to become brand’s ambassadors; for they are the main touchpoints in delivering brand promise. They must have a sense of belonging and feel they want to spread the brand’s story. If employees do not believe in the brand foundations, the company cannot expect them to communicate company’s beliefs and philosophy convincingly.
There are many tools to help employees understand and meet company’s philosophy. Facebook (as a company) is doing that very well. Facebook’s main brand values, such as connecting, friendly, sociable, relaxing and fun are deeply rooted in the company culture. Facebook is trying to find creative ways to make the company more open and connected. They employ good and open-minded people from all over the world, they frequently organize cultural and company events that are motivating and insightful for employees. They make parties and awesome barbeques on roof tops. Almost every week they bring someone from outside Facebook to talk about their business or real life experience such as the famous American journalist and the leader of the women’s liberation movement Gloria Steinemor Marc Andreessen the co founder of Netscape and member of the World Wide Web Hall of Fame. Employees also enjoy a variety of benefits such as discounts, free breakfast, lunch and dinner at their Cafè, free ice cream and Red bull in summer, free laundry service, shuttle service, 50% reimbursement on gym fees, etc.
The corporate culture is best seen at the Facebook offices, which are fun, friendly and leisurely. Employees are allowed to write on walls, skate in the office, and play basketball or table tennis, so they could face a hard-working day more easily. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to get the job done efficiently, and the employees to be satisfied.
The important thing is that no matter what your job is at Facebook, whether you work as an engineer, in the sales department or somewhere else, you always work for the same goal: you are helping people to connect and share with other people they care about.
Companies should invest more in their employees since they are an important part of the chain and a crucial touchpoint between the brand and the consumer. They also have to understand that this is the right way to increase the brand’s financial value. Facebook is an excellent example. How are things at your place?

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