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Thank you, Steve!

Thank you Steve for making our lives simpler. Your genius and perfectionism has simplified our lives. The proof that your brands are simple – is my three year old who uses the iPhone without a problem. When my son has nothing to do, he takes my iPhone and plays games. He tried the same with another mobile brand but got quickly frustrated and threw it on the couch. Thank you for introducing him to the world of technology.

Your products and communication have connected with not just needs of consumers, but with their hearts. We love Apple and we love Steve Jobs.

I remember the first time I saw Think different ad, I didn’t even care what it was for, but I cared what it stood for. It stood for standing up for what you believe in, listening to your inner voice, for being different but being proud of it.

He to me presents everything that a leader needs to have, the vision, perseverance but also the heart to move people with his words, whether the commencement speech at Stanford University or the words he thought for the Think different ad.

As a brand consultant, naturally I have my personal favorite, the one where Steve talks about brands. Enjoy it! Thank you, Steve.

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