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Diesel and me

It’s so funny to see how many people are irritated with the word brand.

But that’s not what I will write about.

I want to tell you how great Diesel is (especially the one in Zagreb).

When I look at their advertising, I am a bit daunted by the images of people who are unreachable but I love that you don’t have that feeling when you shop there.

If I based my judgment of Diesel based on the catalogues and the web I would never walk into the store. It is for the ultra humans, looking amazing in their own world sort of escapist and aspirational, but I am not aspirational in that sense at all. I aspire to be in my own world but do know that the skimpy outfits are not my cup of tea.

The funny part is that I am not their target group – I mean of their communication but I am their target group in terms of clothing.

I like the laid back part of Diesel that is not in the communication, maybe not part of their communication strategy, and perhaps something they could push inside. It is a bit laid back, relaxing, rebellious and all the other things you find on their web. I wish it was more of both worlds in their communication.

Both worlds exist in their stores. The sales people are really nice, they make you feel good and they are most importantly honest. They don’t tell you to get something if you don’t look good in it, they don’t flatter you and they talk to you like you are their buddy, which is helpful and friendly.

Most recently I was so surprised to get their phone call to tell me they have a small present for me. I know that I haven’t shopped there for a while and it could be their strategy for getting me back but the way they made me feel is – we want you to have a little something from us and that’s it.

It would be great to get this friendly and laid back feeling from watching their web or catalogues, because in my opinion people would like them more and Diesel as a brand would have more personality.

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