Creating inspiring brands.

As simple as that

There is an ad for Tropicana that amazed me with its simplicity. The copy, the images together evoked real emotions of awe. Naturally, this isn’t what the real orange growers experience is like, but that is not relevant now.

The copy is not complicated, it narrates a simple story, almost like a poem:


The trees

The growers

This year’s orange

Next year’s orange

Day 337 of growing this orange

The leaf check

The ladder

The other ladder

The sun

The rain

The twist

The pome

And the final check

All create the perfect juice

Tap into Nature

The opening images of the sun rays and the images of a boy and his father together working for the perfect juice, has an immortal quality to it, a true essence that touches man or woman, young or old. It speaks to the hearts a simple yet relevant story that doesn’t age. The man’s care for nature and his togetherness with his child.

Advertising doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to always be extremely impressive, but it should speak to the hearts of the consumers, it should speak a simple yet relevant story that never gets too old or out of date.


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