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Know your client

After more than five years of working as a brand implementor I can say that the success of the brand depends on the relationship between the marketing agency and the client. It is very important to have a good relationship based on mutual respect and trust, and a constant communication between the two. The client and the agency are both experts in their own businesses. If we succeed to put those two things together, the success of the brand is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, the situation is not always that bright. How many times did it happen to you working in the agencies that the client thought you were reading his mind, that you did not receive the feedback because it was taken for granted that you know what is going on in the client’s head and that your effort wasn’t recognized?

One of the solutions that could be helpful to solve that problem is to educate your clients. We should try to explain to them the way the agency works and how important open communication, trust and partnership are. There are many clients who already understand this, but there are also those that will stubbornly continue to follow their own ideas.

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