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Getting the REBRAND 100® Global Awards. Again!

Every year at the same time, sometime at the end of February, there’s this sweet anticipation that can be felt in Brandoctor office. It’s the time when REBRAND 100® Global Awards winners are announced. There aren’t many awards for brand strategy as there are for design and advertising, so winning the REBRAND 100® is a pretty big deal to every brand consultancy in the world.

Yesterday, we received the news that our brand Stina has found itself among great brands, right beside Starbucks and Wrigley, as it has won the REBRAND 100® Distinction Award. This is the sixth year in a row that our brands are among winners, so no wonder everyone in Brandoctor was running wild with excitement.

The brand Stina has already won many international awards for design and creativity, but this is the only award that honors the foundation of the whole project – the brand strategy behind Stina wine, as well as its efficiency. I strongly believe that having a strong and unique brand story was the main reason why Stina’s name and design turned out so amazing and extraordinary.

We wanted to narrate the story about the whole island of Brač where Stina’s winery is situated. We wanted people to feel what we felt when we first visited the island and Stina’s vineyards. The island of Brač is mostly known for its snow-white stone. However, research has brought us to an amazing discovery – that many Croatian artists found inspiration on this island.

The island and its stone have always been the source of inspiration to many poets, novelists, sculptors and painters living on the Island. We combined those two unique elements, the white stone and the artists, into one story. The Stina label represents a block of stone inviting the sculptor to sculpt, it is an empty canvas inviting the painter to paint, it is a piece of paper inspiring the poet, writer or musician to write a poem, a story, or compose music.

The most famous global design and wine magazines and blogs shared the story and Stina has received more than 175,000 euros worth of free media coverage.

Without unique and relevant brand positioning and inspiring story it is highly unlikely that your brand will stand out. Hopefully, in the years that will follow, the brand stories created in Brandoctor will always be recognized and appreciated all over the world.


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