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Gentleman Jack, don’t forget us ladies

Just saw an ad for Gentleman Jack, which is Jack Daniel’s brand extension for the premium segment. This is a whisky that is dripped through charcoal twice while Jack is only once, which makes it smoother. Gentleman Jack was positioned as silky and warm.

The new ad features a good-looking actor Titus Welliver in a dark alley, not a usual set up for a gentleman. You would picture him in a comfortable sofa in front of the fireplace. But no, his silky warm voice, just like the brand’s characteristics is wooing you into the story that you want to explore and it’s entitled the “order of gentleman”.

Now, this whisky will be sold for the average price of $30, which is around $10 more expensive than the regular Jack. It is a wise decision to put money into the premium whisky market, so the regular black-labeled Jack drinkers who have grown older and want to try something new, don’t turn to the competition.

However, as someone who is obviously a woman and a black-labeled Jack loyal customer, I feel left out of the “order of gentleman”, yet the choice of the actor and his voice do lure me into the whole new story. The tone of the actor’s voice describes the taste and quality of the whisky so that I felt like I wanted to taste it, without becoming one of the gentlemen. Despite the brand targeting men, why not expand the target group into the “order of ladies” since it’s the modern times and men are not the only whisky drinkers.

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