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Brands what are you waiting for? Douglas and Schooling need your spotlight



“It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light” says the new copy for Under Armour. I love it. It’s all about hard work and perseverance, it’s creating a winner in the shadows, in the dark, it’s creating the light out of the dark.

Under Armour, Nike, adidas, Mini are just some of the brands that should catch up on creating the light out of the dark from some happenings in the Olympics. The example of Gabby Douglas who was cyber bullied for no reason, not that there is any reason that can justify anyone bullying anyone else. She kicked butt in the 2012 meet, why treat her like she’s anything but a champion. It’s not because she didn’t get any medals, is it – well yes that would be it. Each and every athlete that comes to the Olympics is already a champion. Our brands should celebrate that.

Brands were working hard on matching their own strengths with the athletes’, and using athletes’ strengths to propagate their own, in all the communication I saw pre- and during Olympics.

Well, now brands should be fast at communicating the bullied Douglas or Schooling who beat his idol, because it’s a human story, not about medals, but about lighting the darker moments. Being filled with empathy makes you human. And brands that are empathic are the winners, they feel for the losses and celebrate the wins. They ought to be here to motivate us to find our passion.

They (should) motivate us to explore every nook and cranny of our being and find that one thing we are passionate about. Imagine a world populated by people who are passionate about what they do, be it sports or work. I was lucky, I was passionate about basketball while growing up and now about my work. I pray my kid will be just like that.

Any of the named brands should soon work to reunite the disunited – the medal owners and the cyber bullied.

Joseph Schooling had a star he looked up to. He beat the star he worshipped. Michael Phelps was in the sport longer than planned to be that shining example for other kids and he popularized swimming. His light shone so bright it attracted others like Schooling.

Brands should be covering these stories, impressing young minds with strong imagery that calls on them to create their inner beacons. The inner beacon always needs the muse. The muse can be in the form of a person or a brand or both combined.

Brands can become those beacons to ignite the fires of the young and the old, to unite the disunited, to motivate the tired, to feed the hungry hearts and impress the bored minds, well it’s their call and their time but that time is now.

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