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Clash of Clans – why am I hooked on this game?

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I’m not a person who enjoys playing video games all the time. Of course I used to play it as a kid, but these days I really find it a waste of time. Still, while going home from work or just waiting for somebody, I needed something to keep me entertained for couple of minutes because my music list just wouldn’t cut it any more.

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Aesop – an intelligent beauty brand

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There is one brand which I really appreciate because they don’t sell and they don’t YELL. You won’t see them sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show, there are no articles about their last hype marketing campaign, no celebrity brand ambassadors, no photoshopped pictures, no models, no adds.

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Glory Glory Man United

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Ever wondered why people are so passionate about their favourite football club?
I can still remember the exact moment when I became a loyal supporter of the Manchester United and finally, after so many years, I have found out why. The strategy that built the most valuable football brand.

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Changes come from inside the company

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After defining the brand strategy, one of the major challenges is how to bring closer the strategy to the employees. They are the greatest strength of the company and the main brand ambassadors, and they must be familiar with its values and promise in order to be able to spread it further.

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