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Why should brands care?

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A new ad was launched recently from Pedigree. A beautiful piece based on a simple insight that dogs bring up the good in you and that Pedigree brings up the good in dogs. But even more importantly the ad made a strong statement on race – dogs aren’t prejudiced – as two men of different races are brought together because of their love for their pets.

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The one I didn’t know I wanted

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Last week during the hectic afternoon of fieldwork and research for our client, I was stopped by the images of a great looking man staring at Gisele Bundchen. It was a dreary evening, everyone was rushing home, so was I, but I stopped in front of a TV screen in the shop window of a perfume store to watch a beautiful world I wanted to jump into.

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How about a merger?

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Have you seen Misty Copeland in the Under Armour advertisement? She dared to be a ballerina with a body of a basketball player. And guess what she succeeded. It’s an age-old story of an underdog who won against all odds or beliefs or expectations.

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A Brand Derailed

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It happened. For the first time in Croatian history, Twitter became a social weapon of choice that made a local #trend spill over into traditional media. There was no campaign behind it though, because the whole thing just exploded – out of sheer frustration.

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Miley Cyrus and Nike’s Jordans – nobody gets it

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When I say Nike (and I say Nike quite a lot, because I like it) you think of the sports brand. You think of giving it all you’ve got, you think of how you ran the other day, and sweating out the stress, and feeling good about it. Ok, you might not have thought of all these things, but you did think of sports and athletes.

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