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Key branding trends in 2014

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We have outlined five key branding trends in 2014. Brand transparency, unique experiences, telling authentic stories, personalisation and emotion are the key predictions from Brandoctor consultants.

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Brand promise, yes. But, will it fly?

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I like online shopping. It’s simple, quick and you have a feeling like there’s nothing you can’t find while chilling on the couch with a glass of wine. Whether it’s Amazon, eBay or some hard-to-find comic book store, it takes less clicks each time to purge your bank account. It seems as if shopping without any human interaction might just be the perfect way to shop.

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To be or not to be at the Fair of Croatian Counties

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Last week the Zagreb Fair hosted the Fair of Croatian Counties and welcomed 20 Croatian counties. I visited the Fair because I was interested to see how the County of Zagorje presented itself, since Brandoctor defined its slogan and designed its visual identity, and to see as well what the other Counties were up to, especially the Istria County that is way ahead of others when it comes to brand implementation.

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Dalmatia – beautiful region of lazy people

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During the past few months I have come to believe that Dalmatia is mostly perceived as written above – beautiful region of lazy people. There isn’t any official research to prove this, however it is my firm opinion that if you conducted one today, this is exactly what it would show.

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Gentleman Jack, don’t forget us ladies

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Just saw an ad for Gentleman Jack, which is Jack Daniel’s brand extension for the premium segment. This is a whisky that is dripped through charcoal twice while Jack is only once, which makes it smoother. Gentleman Jack was positioned as silky and warm..

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