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Getting the REBRAND 100® Global Awards. Again!

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Every year at the same time, sometime at the end of February, there’s this sweet anticipation that can be felt in Brandoctor office. It’s the time when REBRAND 100® Global Awards winners are announced. There aren’t many awards for brand strategy as there are for design and advertising, so winning the REBRAND 100® is a pretty big deal to every brand consultancy in the world.

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Know your client

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After more than five years of working as a brand implementor I can say that the success of the brand depends on the relationship between the marketing agency and the client. It is very important to have a good relationship based on mutual respect and trust, and a constant communication between the two.

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Guided by intuition not by focus groups

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As I was trying to walk through a daunting amount of snow, I felt gratitude towards the person who walked before me. My feet snugly fit into his huge footprints. I realized that this was the only time I liked walking in someone else’s footprints.

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A sponsorship that could taste better

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Everyone knows what MasterChef is, a TV reality show on cooking open to amateurs who are good cooks. The second season just started. I adore watching these kinds of shows where I can learn and apply the cooking secrets in my own kitchen. But the show is also an excellent lesson in sponsorship gone wrong.

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As simple as that

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There is an ad for Tropicana that amazed me with its simplicity. The copy, the images together evoked real emotions of awe. Naturally, this isn’t what the real orange growers experience is like, but that is not relevant now.

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