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It’s between you and the ad

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The term intertextuality introduced by Julia Kristeva referred to texts that refer to other texts. By understanding the point of reference or what the text you are reading is referring to, the reader understands the text better.

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Back to basics

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It’s amazing to see how much money certain brands invest in promotion and advertising, and yet they seem to fail at the most basic encounter with the consumer.
You can see it happening almost every day. Telecommunication companies with inspiring and costly TV commercials airing in prime time, with at the same time their customer support being utterly unprofessional and unpleasant.

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Rebranding of GRAWE Hrvatska

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What is the unalienable right of any man? You can imprison a man but you can’t imprison his mind, his thinking and you can’t stop a man from dreaming.
There is something incredibly inspiring about the fact that even when you have hit the wall or are lying on the ground, you can sum up your strength and leap to great heights, to serenity, to achieve your own peace and create your own happiness.

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Diesel and me

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It’s so funny to see how many people are irritated with the word brand. But that’s not what I will write about. I want to tell you how great Diesel is (especially the one in Zagreb).

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Symbolism in the Chrysler ads

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Movere is the Latin word meaning to move and both emotion and motivation were derived from the same verb. Combine them and you get emotional motivation. Emotional motivation is the word that would describe last year’s and this year’s Chrysler ads launched during Super Bowl.

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