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Naming a baby, a pet or a brand

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I suppose most of you have encountered naming in your everyday life, whether it was picking a name for a pet or a baby. However, naming a company, a product or a service, differs greatly from naming your dog.

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MIB Pivac – Branding lessons from Vrgorac

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I always love to see when Croatian brands do well – when they communicate their values consistently or when they try to engage with the consumer on a more personal level. So when I saw a brand from Dalmatian Zagora (i.e. one of the most traditional parts of Croatia) doing just that, I was more than positively surprised.

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More than a slogan

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Here are some Croatian examples of “more than” slogans I have heard lately:

“More than a game.” (a lottery company); “More than movement.” (a gas station); “Simply more.” (a daily newspaper); “More than a comfortable flight.” (an airline); “More than a door.” (a door producer)…

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There is an interesting Croatian website called It sells airplane tickets, but it is mostly known for its guerrilla marketing efforts and for using the most unusual places to promote their web site. For example, their logo can be found clearly printed over a bridge, written on a deserted truck left by the highway or hanging from the top of a building in the centre of Zagreb.

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You are all superstars!

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For me, Lady Gaga was all extravaganza and controversy just for the sake of extravaganza and controversy; she was never the real thing. I have always believed that she was doing a great marketing and PR job, but somehow the real authentic feeling was missing.

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