Creating inspiring brands.

Creativity Unleashed

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Take on the challenge of creating something wonderful and don’t step down when the onslaught of client’s criticism comes out.

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Thinking out of the shoe box

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I’ve been admiring a certain brand for a couple of months now. Not only is it inspiring, but it is also a perfect example how simple and sincere vision can bring major success. It used to be called, bit luckily enough they changed the name soon to At first sight, it is an ordinary website with the primary purpose of selling shoes. But since its launch, Zappos has become everything but a synonym for the online shoe store.

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Uplifting brands

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People are bored. Everyone wants inspiration, goodness, emotional contact and uplifting brands. And when? When they least expect it.

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How about trying harder?

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When it comes to studying brand classics, there are several great branding cases that appear on regular basis. Whether you are reading a book about brand management or browsing through branding blogs, you will probably run into Volkswagen, Nike or Virgin examples at some point. If you narrow your classics search down to brands that were successfully repositioned in relation to the market leader, your journey will probably end with Avis. Or better yet, it will start with Avis.

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Brands are emotional signatures

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Nike bought Converse in 2003 and filled up Nike’s portfolio perfectly. All Stars are the lifestyle shoes, as opposed to the Just do it shoes, or shoes that make you move and attain personal athletic goals. Nike people were wise and didn’t touch the design of the famous All Stars or Chuck Taylors as they are called. What’s the secret of a shoe that hasn’t changed since 1949?

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