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Brand Concept in Architecture: The Collaboration between the Brand Consultant and Architect

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Photo:Boris Goreta for 3LHD

As a brand consultant, you always look for new fields, practices, where you can implement your ideas. After 12 years of creating brand strategies, we have decided to embark on a complementary adventure, to create brand concepts for architects.

It would be pretentious to presume that we give meaning to architecture. Architecture mirrors the aspirations of architects who are influenced by personal and social factors. The personal are their wishes, the social are the current trends and past influences. The social factors are the current or contemporary feelings, yet one of the most important differentiators is the influence or intervention of the past into the current expression. Brandoctor draws its meaning by summing the findings of three elements – the people, the past and the location. These three yield the meaning of brand concept.

We started working on brand concepts for architects after collaborating with the world renowned architect professor Nikola Bašić. Professor Bašić has pushed the boundaries by creating ecological luxurious villas that are part of the landscape, one part of the villa is literally built into the hillside of the island. Our part was to create a brand concept for the olive oil that the client wants to launch here, that would add to the villa’s story. The people behind the project create perfection, whether with the villas or the olive oil, and the international medals are the proof of the olive oil’s quality.

The three elements – the people, the past and the location became the narrators of the story or the basis of the brand concept that is visible and felt in architecture. The location and the past together evoke the extinct language from these parts, Old-Dalmatic. Snow was a perfect metaphor for the investors – they rely only on themselves to create perfection. When it snows on this island, the harvests are particularly abundant. If it snows, it does so for 3.3. days. But as they can’t rely on snow, they do all they can to create perfection. Nai 3.3 is the story about striving for perfection, because you can’t count on snow.

Another successful example of working with architects is Brandoctor’s collaboration with 3LHD, Croatian based architect studio working on both local and global architectural projects. 3LHD has won an international pitch against strong competition such as the late Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster.

Brandoctor’s brand concept was relevant for the advisory board when they commented on the proposal: “The proposed design of the new Belvedere is reminiscent of Dubrovnik renaissance summer properties that offered an escape, inspiring people with the sense of eternal beauty and harmony. The space is opening the outside views, while the rich past is reinterpreted through subtle details. It is a celebration of harmony between the natural and the man-made, gazing at the imperishable beauty of Dubrovnik.”

Brandoctor creates the brand concept which has to be both inspirational and unique and calls on the viewer to become the protagonist of the story.


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