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Brandoctor has been closed down

As of February 2017, Brandoctor will no longer be operational and will cease to function as a legal entity for branding. After 14 years of service as senior brand consultant and partner at Brandoctor, Anja Bauer Minkara has moved on to opening her own branding agency named Fabular.

Davor Bruketa and Nikola Žinić, also partners in Brandoctor, will as of February 2017 start offering branding as part of their communication services within their agency Bruketa &Žinić.

Brandoctor is renowned to have won numerous global accolades such as Benchmarks, Red Dot, Art Directors Club New York and Design Week London. The agency is also famous for having won the REBRAND 100® Global – the biggest and most renowned global branding recognition award 8 years in a row. In 2015 brand consultants at Brandoctor received the REBRAND Hall of Fame™ recognition which placed them amongst the 25 most successful brand consultants globally.

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