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Brandoctor Blog: How about a merger?

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Have you seen Misty Copeland in the Under Armour advertisement? She dared to be a ballerina with a body of a basketball player. And guess what she succeeded. It’s an age-old story of an underdog who won against all odds or beliefs or expectations.

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Rebranding of iSTUDIO

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Digital agency iSTUDIO has decided to rebrand, due to fast growth and expansion on the European market. Yesterday in the Industrial Bar Zagreb we presented the new brand strategy, new name Degordian and new logo, together with the founders of iStudio Tomislav Grubišić and Daniel Ackermann.

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Big award for a small agency for the seventh year in a row

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Every year at the end of February in the US, REBRAND 100® Global Awards winners are announced for the most successful global rebranding strategies from the last year. This year we have won this prestigious award for the seventh year in a row, which puts as side by side with some of the biggest global branding agencies.

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Brandoctor Blog: Miley Cyrus and Nike’s Jordans – nobody gets it

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When I say Nike (and I say Nike quite a lot, because I like it) you think of the sports brand. You think of giving it all you’ve got, you think of how you ran the other day, and sweating out the stress, and feeling good about it. Ok, you might not have thought of all these things, but you did think of sports and athletes.

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