Creating inspiring brands.


*Author and creator of the methodology for brand strategy is Anja Bauer Minkara – All rights reserved, 2003.

Istraplin and Euroinox, former sister companies specialized in designing, furnishing, manufacturing and servicing the hospitality equipment and they have decided to merge in order to be stronger in the market place. We defined the brand strategy, created the name and the new visual identity.

The name Fusio unites the functional and emotional values of this brand – professional combined with gourmet, hedonistic, inspiring and ecological. Fusio is a brand that tells a story of creating pleasure –through the logo and the slogan – “Inspired by pleasure”. The logo evokes the associations of cooking with love.

Senior Brand Consultant: Anja Bauer Minkara
Brand Consultant: Petra Despot
Naming Consultant: Anja Bauer Minkara
Copywriter: Maja Benčić
Creative directors: Davor Bruketa, Nikola Žinić
Art Director: Igor Manasteriotti
Designers: Igor Manasteriotti, Mia Marić
Implementation: Jelena Mezga

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