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Krapinsko – zagorska županija

*Author and creator of the methodology for brand strategy is Anja Bauer Minkara – All rights reserved, 2003.

Krapinsko-zagorska županija is a county in the northwestern Croatia, with a strong, yet unused potential.

After an elaborate, detailed and lengthy analysis, we defined the brand platform and the unique brand story. It is a fairy tale about kind people that live there in seven towns, on seven hills, surrounded by pristine rivers and springs. The attributes of the brand image are: good, green, magical, fairy-tale, and spiritually inspiring. After defining the brand strategy and according to the brand platform, we designed the county’s visual identity.

Senior Brand Consultant: Anja Bauer Minkara
Copywriter: Anja Bauer Minkara, Maja Benčić
Art Director: Tonka Lujanac, Igor Manasteriotti
Designer: Tonka Lujanac, Igor Manasteriotti
Illustrator: Vedran Klemens
Implementation: Jelena Mezga

Photographer: Domagoj Kunić

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