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Lantea Grupa

*Author and creator of the methodology for brand strategy is Anja Bauer Minkara – All rights reserved, 2003.

Lantea textile company had negative connotations and a weakening market share. Naturally, they decided to do rebranding.

We changed the model of brand architecture from branded house to the house of brands and removed the name Lantea as a store name. Lantea became solely a corporate brand and was changed to Lantea Group, a parent brand of a couple of independent and strong sub-brands that function on their own and have a two-way relationship with the corporate brand.

Each sub-brand has a unique target group, brand positioning, brand image, verbal and visual identites and brand touchpoints. For example, Vrtuljak (Merry-go-round) is a playful and fun chain of children’s stores offering clothing, toys and equipment. Ritual is a brand of attractive, comfortable and modern underwear stores. Centra is a brand of friendly low segment stores for household items and clothing. VictorVictoria is a brand of high segment clothing stores offering famous design brands. Moderato is an elegant, reliable, stylish brand of stores offering middle to high priced clothing.

Senior Brand Consultant: Anja Bauer Minkara
Creative Director: Moe Minkara
Naming Consultants: Anja Bauer Minkara, Maja Benčić
Copywriters: Anja Bauer Minkara, Thomas Bauer, Ivan Čadež, Ivan Čepelak, Maja Benčić
Art Director: Igor Manasteriotti
Designers: Igor Manasteriotti, Ruth Hoffman, Tomica Jurica Kačunić, Jurana Puljić, Ana Belić
Illustrator: Davor Rukovanjski
Implementation: Jelena Mezga, Helena Rosandić

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